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Hello, inky here! This time I'm looking for crucifix, amethyst, shadows and physician!! Regular trades are also welcome.

01 - Crucifix01- me
02 - Amethyst01 - me
03 - Shadows01 - me
04 - Physician01 - me
05 - godsears03 - miyuki
06 - eon03 - miyuki
07 - poems03 - miyuki
08 - bustersword03 - miyuki

09 - sciences05 - omokage



Mar. 17th, 2015 12:03 am
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Hi everyone! Styx here with a shiny new journal name. There isn't anything I'm collecting in the most recent release, so I'll be swapping out my cards for anything in my currently collecting or future piles.

Regular trades are always welcome!

1. crucifix03
2. amethyst03
3. physician03
4. shadows03
5. neojapan06
6. sciences06


Mar. 14th, 2015 04:50 pm
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pairiiiiings, i'll be collecting prevention (saya konohana from k project's deck) from the upcoming release! i'm mainly looking for slot to slot, but if you're collecting more than one thing from the release i'll also accept anything i need in my collecting/futures to balance out the rest, too. C:

01 neojapan03
extras suspend04, sphilia05, prevention01, ibis05
sock03 for prevention03

regular/random trades are also welcome, as always! hit me with your best shot, etc, etc.

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Hi everyone! This month I'll collect godsears, eon, poems and bustersword from Uragiri and Crisis Core! I'll trade slot for slot or feel free to offer me something I collect or keep 1st priority ;D

1. neojapan03 for godsear02 (Dan)
2. sciences03 for eon02 (Dan)
3. nanto02 for poems02 (Dan)
4. anpan05 for bustersword02 (Dan)
5. crucifix04 for godsears03 (inktrap)
6. amethyst04 for eon03 (inktrap)
7. physician04  for poems03 (inktrap)
8. shadows04 for bustersword03 (inktrap)

° thief05, skeleton06, liar08, leader05 for godsears01, eon01, poems01, bustersword01 (Netbug)

I'm open to regular trades too!


Mar. 12th, 2015 12:07 am
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I'm trading my slots for anything in my collecting and mass. Take as many as you want!


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Help me get rid of my slots! I'll be collecting neojapan/sciences, Domon and Rain from Mobile Fighter G Gundam. Ask away

01 me
02 me
03 reflexes01 for neojapan01 (Ruriair)
04 forgive(ness)01 for sciences01 (Ruriair)
05 reserved for neojapan02
06 reserved for sciences02
07 prevention02 for neojapan03 (Moe)
08 godsears02 for sciences03 (Miyuki)
09 eon02 for neojapan04 (Miyuki)
10 amethyst05 for sciences05 (Inktrap)
11 poems02 for nanto02 (Miyuki)
12 bustersword02 for anpan05 (Miyuki)

As always, I'm open for regular trades and whatnot

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Since I already finished gathering my cards for my minimastery, I thought I'd offer help to all those who haven't yet, so I'm opening my trade pile for random trades! If I have something you want and you don't know what to offer, just give me random cards. So, come along, don't be shy and ask away :>

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After thinking about this long I am going to collect Lavi and Tyki for the mini mastery.

Now for Lavi, I am looking for 5 characters with an eyepatch.

For Tyki, I am looking for 5 characters with black hair.

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Hello hello! I'll use Seifer and Squall for my badge so I need 5 characters with a trench coat or somethin like that (hoping they exist XD) and 5 sword users!

5 trench coat

° android07
° rebel05
° hawk-eyes09
° jenova06
° loyal07

5 sword users

° kendo02
° hotblooded06
° hawk02
° danto08
° taciturn07

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After thinking on it for a bit, I'm gonna use Misaki and Hikaru from Angelic Layer for my badge (and yeah, they don't have decks yet but maybe one day!)

So, here's what I need from you all!

5 cards featuring protagonists from CLAMP series (that aren't from MKR):

5 cards featuring characters that use fire-based powers (Hikaru Shidou, who Hikaru is named after, uses fire):

Also, I have FAR TOO MANY cards in my trade piles, so feel free to take some of them away from me.

Thanks for your help!

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I know I just posted like a week ago, but... For my mini mastery, I'd like to use Ratio and Birthday for my mastery badge! So I'm looking for five characters who are doctors and five characters with sunglasses :>!

1. seahorse06
2. doctor03
3. endoscopy10
4. partridge02
5. white09

1. punisher03
2. madao06
3. antares07
4. lewdness06
5. violent10

Regular trades are more than welcome, of course. Thanks much for looking!

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Hi Pairings!

It's been a while, since I sort of went on a lengthy unannounced hiatus a few months ago. But I've updated my card page today and am ready to get back into the swing of things! I have all of my February release slots free too, and will be trading them out for cards that I'm currently collecting or cards in my future piles.

1. loberia05
2. hatred05
3. musician05
4. antivirus06
5. deva01
6. well08
7. humans08
8. sexy10
9. viewtiful10

As for the mini-mastery, I am (OF COURSE) collecting Kaito/Aoko from DCMK. I'll need five cards featuring thieves and five cards featuring someone in a school uniform.

1. gentleman06
2. sweets02
3. albhed05
4. bandit02
5. blackbird04

School Uniform:
1. onigiri01
2. luckyitem03
3. pottery06
4. monitor10
5. morisummer09

Thanks a bunch, and I look forward to playing here again!

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Hello everyone~

So I have February slots, I"m looking to collect all the new Fire Emblem Awakening decks...and others. But I'm sticking to those three right now, swordhand, ambivalence, and rider. So any of those cards I'm fine in exchanging slots with!

01. wolves03 for ambivalence01 [lita]
02. loberia03 for swordhand01 [lita]
03. rider01 for myself
04. hatred02 for chocolate04
05. burnscars05 for rider02
06. abyssinian06 for ambivalence02 [inktrap]
07. swordhand03
08. ambivalence03

sp. yandere02 for rider03 [chianna]
dn. winter08 for swordhand02 [chianna]
other. winter03 for canaan01 [chianna]

For the mini-mastery I'm looking to collect Shinra/Celty from DRR!! So I'm looking for any cards of anyone who rides a motorcycle and characters who are very affectionate. I need five for each!

01. chocolate04
02. knight05
03. righthand10
04. brash01
05. soldier06

Affectionate dorks.
01. gorilla03
02. darkmage07
03. airhead02
04. nattou09
05. mikorin08

Member card and regular trades are always welcomed! I really need to change that banner..
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Howdy! It's been a long time since I've posted here! I'm not collecting anything this release, so I'm putting my slots up for grabs! I am, however, keeping my specials! Feel free to come and take my slots for anything I need on my trade post! Regular trades are also always welcome! :)

February Slots:
01. loberia06 ⇄ danto06 [ Lita ]
02. wolves07 ⇄ iron06 [ Lita ]
03. antivirus07 ⇄ scheming04 [ Netbug ]
04. deva02 ⇄ sannin01 [ Netbug ]
05. barrage01 ⇄ sannin06 [ Netbug ]
06. godslight05 ⇄ arcoftime06 [ Miyuki ]
07. godsvoice04 ⇄ ash10 [ Miyuki ]
08. burnscars04 ⇄ avaricious03 [ Miyuki ]
SP. winter17
DN. winter02

Regular Trades:
01. attention08, conviction10, effort01, effort06, snakeknight03, snakeknight07 ⇄ fan05, sand09, troublesome01, barefoot08, habanero06, violin06 [ Lita ]
02. lovers04, ahoge17, idols06, mascot08 ⇄ thornqueen10, madao09, boys10, route12 [ Netbug ]
03. hawk-eyes09, kendo02 ⇄ conquer01, conqueror07 [ Miyuki ]

Also, for the Valentines mini-mastery, I'll be going with Hughes/Mustang as my lovely pairing, so I'll be looking for 5 cards featuring characters with facial hair, and 5 cards featuring characters who use fire! Thank you in advance!

Facial Hair:
01. madao09
02. conquer01
03. conqueror07

Fire Users:

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I'm gonna go with a classic this Valentine's day: Mario/Peach! So, I'm looking for 5 cards featuring characters with facial hair and 5 cards featuring royalty!


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I am planning to collect the Winter and Yandere deck from the February release

1. firstson05 for winter02 [personal profile] omokage
2. antivirus08 for winter05 [personal profile] netbug009
3. human02 for winter04 [personal profile] samichan
4. swordhand02for winter03 [personal profile] jenybear
5. deva07 for winter06 [personal profile] radria
6. rider03 for winter08 [personal profile] jenybear
7. reserved for yandere02 [personal profile] jenybear
9. yandere01
special: winter01

AaaanDD, if anyone is interested in some deck release sloths for March.

1. open
2. open
3. open
4. open

Regular trades are welcome too!

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Hello guys! I have 6 slots this february and I'm looking to collect abyssinian and siberian cards. You can also take a lood at my tradepost here

1. abyssinian01 (me)
2. siberian01 (me)
3. Burnscars03 (ixionesis) for abyssinian04
4. Godsvoice03 (ixionesis) for Siberian04
5. Antivirus05 (netbug) for Siberian05
6. Zess06 (akumanomiyu) for Abyssinian05
7. Godslight (akumanomiyu) for Siberian06
8. Ambivalence02 (jeny) for Abyssinian06


1. abyssinian02
2. siberian02

Regular trades are also very welcome! 

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Nothing I'm particularly interested in this month, and so I've decided to offer my slots for free! :3b Absolutely free. If there's anything from the release you'd like me to get for you, leave a comment and I'll pick up the card(s) and gift them to you right away!! It's better than me spending all month debating what random cards to pick up haha.

1. antivirus09
2. loberia05
3. wolves06
4. burnscars01
5. godsvoice02
6. abyssinian03
7. siberian03
8. zess05
Special. yandere

1. comply03
2. appearance06
3. talk10

Regular/Random trades are also welcome!!

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Hello hello! This month I'll collect zess, god's light, god's voice and burn scars....all from Uragiri! You can offer me those for a slot or something I collect or keep 1st priority! :D

1. zess01
2. godslight01
3. godsvoice01
4. burnscars01
5. antivirus04 for zess03 (Netbug)
6. firstson04 for godslight03 (Dan)
7. well04 for godsvoice03 (Dan)
8. hatred03 for burnscars03 (Moe)

9. abyssinian05  for zess06 (inktrap)
sp. yandere01 for zess04 (Moe)
sp donation. winter04

10.siberian06 for godslight04 (inktrap)
11. rider02  for burnscars05 (Jeny)

° zess02, godslight02, godsvoice02, burnscars02 for millennium03, profitable05, forsee09, resolve04 (Ralene)
° zess05 for blacksuit04 (Kiri)
° godslight05, godsvoice04, burnscars04 for arcoftime06, ash10, avaricious03 (Chiisai)

I'm open to regular trade too ;D

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Not really looking to collect anything this month (though feel free to throw me a deva card if you have any lying around after the release)


01. firstson07 (Dan)
02. viewtiful02 (Dan)
03. well03 (Dan)
04. zess02 (miyuki)
05. godslight02 (miyuki)
06. godsvoice02 (miyuki)
07. burnscars02 (miyuki)
08-10 taken
sp. winter06 (chianna)

Also, I have far too many cards in my trading pile... help me get rid of some of them?

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